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Hey guys how you’ll doing ? 

This is Varsha Rohit and this is my story. 

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Am a 19 yr old  professional athlete and fitness/fashion model So here how it goes, Iv been in the field of sports since the age of 10, Wasn’t an athlete when I first got into sports tho, I was a volleyball head caption for my school and high school team. Our team and I won a lot of championships and trophies in our times, we were the first batch in the history of our school to get into states , but sadly our team lost but I was selected to play for the Nationals joining the winning team, everytime I go to visit my school I can still feel the vibe of it. Damn, those were the days. 

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But as it was, school was over in no time and so was the lovely game and I missed playing with with my team. I was blessed to have a physical education teacher who was such an inspiration to me. She asked me to run tracks and give it a try since there was no other athletes in our high school to get into track. 

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So following her orders I gave it a shot , after all what did I have to loose? But what a surprise it was , I won The individual champion trophy, bagging three back to back gold medals in a single meet at my first shot. Soon I was brought into track and field of athletics. 

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As days past, it’s been 9yrs into athletics until now , I was trained under a international coach. Championships and meets were the only thing that I had in mind. Championships participated, races won, medals were brought home. Soon I was labeled as a professional athlete by the state and recognized as one.

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I traveled all around the country, different states different competitions for different races almost every week.  Sponsors and add shoots started to call in. I was given an offer to ambassador for a sports outfit for the summer. Pictures of that shoot was noticed and appreciated my many. Soon more and more Modeling offers started to pour in, and this time not just as a model for a sports clothing line or energy drink but also from the fashion Modeling industries. Started doing a lot of shoots and ramp Walks alongside my running I started posting my workout videos on Instagram,  and didn’t realize how many people I was inspiring everyday. When people came to me and spoke about my workout videos on Instagram and how it helped them to get back on the grind brought a smile on my face.  Ever since Been trying to motivate  more and more people everyday as much as I can.  

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Meanwhile without even realizing, two careers were getting built. 

But sooner or later I’ll have to dump my Modeling career to focus more on running, cuz track will always be my main. I will choose running over anything.  For now 2020 Tokyo Olympics is the goal, hoping to make it there with good training and diet for the next 4 years. 

So yeah, that’s pretty much roughly it is. There’s a lot more to come. 

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