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How did you get started?

I started working out to accompany my well-endowed friend who was shy to go alone to the gym. I started enjoying my time at the gym and loved the feeling of being fit.I was 57 kgs when I joined and ‘weight loss’ was my primary goal back then. I wanted to be skinny. The idea of having a ‘thigh gap’ and skinny legs allured me as I have a ‘pear-shaped’ body. Over time, I reached 46 kgs, which was my dream weight. I was skinny but not satisfied and didn’t feel fit. In fact, I felt weak! It was then I realized that true strength is being ‘fit’.

Where does your motivation come from?

 My only motivation is the dream physique which I visualize everyday! This time, it wasn’t a skinny body but a toned and functional body that I wanted. I gain my inspiration from other fitness athletes and bodybuilders. My trainer believes in me and pushes me harder because we both share the same vision.

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How do you feel your flexibility helps you both in and out of the gym?

I feel I have improved my stamina because of working out regularly. I can run faster without burning out. The simplest of tasks like grocery shopping has become easier. I can lift heavy stuff. In the gym, I can make the most of flexibility on the days when I work my core. I can do several variations. To sum it up, I feel strong!

What workout routine has worked best

I cannot pinpoint one workout routine because all variations target the various muscle groups differently. Every variation has an effect on the body. Short interval, high intensity workouts work best for me.

If you had to pick only 3 exercises what would they be and why?

The most visible change in my body are my arms. I always had skinny arms. ‘Barbell bicep curls’ and ‘barbell preacher curls’ have changed my biceps in a matter of few weeks. People have started to notice my arms. Also, I love doing ‘hanging knee raise’. It really works up the core! ‘Planks’ are my all-time favourite. It works the abdomen, thighs, back, all at the same time. It burns fat like anything! My personal record is 7 minutes. These exercises have made visible changes in my body!

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What is your diet like?

I eat clean day in and day out. Twice a month I allow myself whatever I crave for. I am an eggitarian. And I get my protein from sources like cottage cheese, kidney beans, spinach, garbanzo beans, egg whites, milk, supplements, etc. I keep a track of my daily macros and I make sure not to exceed them at any cost! I drink 4 litres of water daily. I follow a high-protein diet. I avoid sugar, salt and oily stuff. Nutrition is extremely important to stay fit.

What’s the one food you couldn’t live without, and how do you handle food cravings?

Pizza!!! I can’t live without it! I make sure that I eat pizza at least once a month! Haha! Also, I just have to eat an apple or pear every day. I go crazy if I for some reason, I don’t get it restocked in my fridge.

I do get crazy food cravings which is why I allow myself eating random things twice a month. Most of the times, I divert my mind by chewing a sugar-free chewing gum. When I crave something sweet, I go for a sweet fruit like banana or apple. Peanut butter is a saviour too! Also, I have my sister who stops me from buying impulse stuff.

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What’s something not many people know about you?

I am not very good at hiding things. I am like an open-book but I am choosy in picking my friends. I think my emotions are something that I cannot express with people. This is one of the reasons why I started working out. I go through severe depression and internal aggression occasionally. People sitting next to me wouldn’t know of it. I channelize my depression and anger in building my body.

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Favorite Quote:

“True strength does not know failure.”

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