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Quick Stats

weight- 58kgs

height- 5’3″
Age- 25
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How did you get started?

I encountered to Keto diet which I thought is something unrealistic. Though I was explained about the science behind it but how can I eat something which I was avoiding the year long. The credit for changing my mindset goes to my mentor, my trainer or one can say FarishtaMr. Prince Raj Shrivastava who was so kind to make me aware about the diet and train me to become fit. He not only changed my mind set but also build up the lost confidence in me that Yes I CAN DO IT…….. A BIG THANK YOU to him for changing my life.

It’s been 5 years since I am trying to lose all those extra kilos from my body. Yes it was really not an easy task. Every time I check, the scales never moved down (though sometimes it only increased). It happened to me that I completed my studies and switched back to my native place to join a government job back here. Still remember the day I decided to join a renowned gym in the town so that it will work out to shed those extra kilos. The experience there in the initial days was good though I didn’t even reduced a single kilogram but the trainers inspired me by saying, “You will lose in inches and that’s a good thing”. But was that a good thing?  Naaahhhhh Tried and failed end number of times testing with the new diets, work outs for a better healthy life, but as usual just failed. Life was really depressing at times, something took back you cannot enjoy at the parties, you cannot wear what you want to and feel comfortable in, people always treated me more older than my actual age (which was really annoying). But one day I came across KETO DIET and it was Just for 40 days and my life completely changed in these 40 days.In the initial 5 days I could feel the change in my body which helped in not giving up. Within 6-8 days I lost 5kgs. I lost 15 kgs in only 40 days. But it is not just the diet. Actually it is 100% diet and 100% workout.

Where does your motivation come from?

My motivation was from my failures. The number of times I failed it helped me in standing up again and fighting with my failures. There was one person throughout the phase of my training beside me, motivating me and making me feel you are beautiful no matter what. This motivated me to keep going throughout 40 days of my Keto diet plan.

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How do you feel your flexibility helps you both in and out of the gym?

Now I have more power to achieve my goals.


What workout routine has worked best for you?

Along with the Keto Diet I started the workout focussing more on the repetition. I started doing alternate day Abs exercises including upper abs and lower abs with 1000 repetition per day. Also added to it different free body exercise for sides almost 400 repetitions per day. Then each day I did strength exercises for different body parts starting with Chest, Back, Bicep and Tricep, Shoulder, Leg and Core. Initially it was struggle for me to complete but I kept motivating myself and never gave up in this 40 days program.

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If you had to pick only 3 exercises what would they be and why?

First one would be Abs exercises because since I have started losing weight I am crazily running behind getting at least 4 pack abs. Secondly squats because it gives a good posture to my body Thirdly Push ups because it gives me strength

What is your diet like?

In my diet the breakfast, lunch and dinner is not fixed. Whenever you feel hungry you can have your meal. In Keto diet I had to eat a described amount of Fat and Calories and only 5-8gm of carbohydrates. I was on HIGH FAT, HIGH CALORIES and LOW CARBOHYDRATE DIET for 40 days without cheating my meal any day. This diet also included 6 litres of water and 2 litres of Green tea, Spinach and 1tablespoon Flaxseed daily. After my work out I took Zero carb Protien powder. I use to eat for 10 hours and fast for another 14 hours. In case if I feel hungry even after 10 hours then I was allowed to eat sprouts and oranges. I was really happy throughout my diet because I was allowed to eat everything I loved like Chicken tandoori and Cheese omelette so it was an easy weight loss process.


What’s the one food you couldn’t live without, and how do you handle food cravings?

Maggi, I was crazy for maggi. When I start getting food carvings I think of how people teased me for being so fat and ugly and this acted as a positive force for not cheating my diet throughout the Keto days.


What’s something not many people know about you?

I can make the impossible possible.

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Favorite Quote:

If it doesn’t Challenge you, it doesn’t Change you


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