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How did you started ?

My journey started in a year 2012 ! I realized that my body is a machine & it required up gradation in terms of strength & nourishment. So that’s where I started gymming.

Where does your motivation comes from ?

My own weakness is my motivation, each day I wanna come over my own weakness in terms of strength & breaking my own limits. But yes Michel Lewin is my inspiration.

What workout routine has worked best for you ?

weight training is working best for me in terms of strength & transformation.
But I follow cardio & TRX for warm up also.

If you had to pick only 3 exercises what would they be and why ?

1. Weighted walking lunges, this ex cerise is one of my favorite because it really work well for my legs & glut Goals
2. Planks – cause it’s the fasted & quickest way to strengthen my core. It can be of many variations tho like plank ups, side plank ups etc
3. Push ups – cause it again cover up my chest, back & shoulders.    Tho my schedule is my bible I follow it religiously but this these three will be mine favorite

How do you feel your flexibility helps you both in and out of the gym ?

My flexibility really help me in my life it makes me a strong person while I am into any kind of situation, not only in physical ways but mentally too , when I am into any sort of situation I think if in gym you can than you can here too.

What is your diet like ?

I eat home cooked food only besides occasional snacks out side, however my prime focus stay on balancing protein & carbs with other nutrition.
But I sticky stay with home cooked food only.
Year back I was on keto but now I am again on my normal home diet.

What the one food you couldn’t live without, how do you handle food carving ?

My protein shakes & Smoothes is the food I can”t live without. I don”t starve myself but  I eat clean only. No additional flavours, low salt & sugar, non oily etc

What’s something not many people know about you ?

 I am workaholic but I choose my work, people offend wonders how I mange to do so much, the only answer is I can”t sit ideal, I start my day at 4 am & all day long I am working for my self , for my family, getting socialise, my own commitments to myself, etc People think that I am very partyholic which is I am not at all. I am multi tasking girls I am a daughter, sister, owner of my fashion brand, I am a house maker, I am a athlete, I am blogger! People can”t digest that I can do so much !!! But I tell them everything needs planning if I plan my day more better I can do even more 🙈

Favorite Quote :

“The best project you’ll ever work on is YOU”

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