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Quick Stats

Age: 25
Height – 5’4
Weight – 51

How did you get started and Where does your motivation come from?

I have enjoyed going physical activities like yoga and dancing on and off. However, this took a back seat after I started working and hardly had any free time. I really wanted to do something but wasn’t really moving.During this time, we had hired a new domestic helper. We learnt that she was a karate trainer and marathoner but was financially weak, a single mother and did small jobs like these to support her family and her passion.”That’s when i decided to leave the excuses behind. I started running with her initially and there’s no looking back. I’m now a Nike Pacer, we lead a pack of runners (We have Runners that are regularly running, occasional runners or even new runners) and help them get their posture, running gait, etc right. Dedicate 2 days off my week for this & continue my workout along with that.


How do you feel your flexibility helps you both in and out of the gym?

I’m just more efficient in all the things I do. I love to travel and I go run in every new city I step in. Long working days or tiresome treks & travel, are not as painful as it used to be. Over all, starting my day with a workout just makes me feel more energized and alive.


What workout routine has worked best for you?

Currently I am following the below shared workout and that has been

working the best for me:

Monday – Yoga + Rest

Tuesday – Yoga + Recovery Run (upto 9km)

Wednesday – Pacing at the Nike Run Club (Upto 10km) + Strength


Friday – Yoga + cycling

Saturday – NRC Interval training + Core workout

Sunday – Long run day (15 to 21 km)


If you had to pick only 3 exercises what would they be and why?

Besides running, I would pick up push ups for upper body strength, planks + variations for the core & squats & their variations for butt and legs.


What is your diet like?

I try to follow a very clean diet – strictly home cooked food. Whatever I eat would be in it’s authentic form & no processed food strictly. Cheat meal once a week. I have increased the amount of natural protein in my diet for refueling post workout (soya bean, flak seeds, juices, sprouts, etc)

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What’s the one food you couldn’t live without, and how do you handle food cravings?

I love the Indian roadside delicacies like Pani-puri, chaats and cheesy sandwiches. I set small goals and reward myself with the food I crave for once in a while.13391620_10206837128553081_6899923866749816042_o

What’s something not many people know about you?

I was one lazy girl a while back who’d not leave the couch or comfort travelling. I was thin & weak, not fit. It was a few events like my dad’s heart surgery, meeting Seema (the domestic helper) and inspired by my boyfriend, I started taking my health seriously!

I started with Yoga and cycling which was fun and didn’t feel like a forced workout. Post that I discovered my love for running & now enjoy different exercises with it. There are days I miss my workout and eat crap, we all have these days. But I feel it’s okay as long as we step up and get back. Make up for it by getting up everytime we fall.


Favorite Quote:

If you want more, you have to require more from yourself!

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