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This is  Petricia Priyanka Fitness athlete from Hyderabad.

Age: 27

Height: 5’3

Current weight: 54

Total weight lost : 35kgs

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My transformation journey didn’t come easy , I had my own battles to fight each morning facing each of it with determination to win and succeed, working night shifts and then heading to the gym was a bit of a task however if you are determined and focused towards to your goals , nothing will matter . you got to have the “EYE OF A TIGER ”.

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How did you get started ?

  • It all started in the year 2011 when I was working for DELL international services, I was a former sports player for AP with injuries coming into picture, had to leave the sport and which eventually lead to over eating ,depression and eventually weight gain also ended up having Thyroid issues, that didn’t allow me  to loose that fat easily but I had to win
  • Had an encounter in the Gym where I use to work while I walked across the mirrors of the Gym I could not believe I was looking at a former athlete

And that’s when I decided I have help my self out of the misery I was living.

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Where does your motivation come from ?

  • It was me my self who motivated the inner me to help my self , eventually during the process I got inspired from a show called the biggest looser that I watched every single day on you tube by my favorite FITNESS TRAINER JILLAIN MICHEALES
  • Also sonali swami an athlete too her self her journey did inspire me when I first seen her win the fit factor competition

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How do you feel your flexibility helps you both in and out of the gym ?

  • This is definitely is win for me when compared to most of them at the  my work pace the energy and focus and the walking around in and out of my work place does not allow me to get tired like most individuals and this is all because of the fitness regime with a healthy life style that I follow
  • And since the Gym is my favorite place my energy levels and flexibly levels are always high, even after a night shift

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What work out routine has worked has worked best for you ?

  • It’s a mixture of weight, circuit trainings and stationary cardio at the end of my work outs

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If you had to pick only 3 exercise what would they be and why ?

  • Dead life –  For it’s the king of all work out keeps your entire body engaged and it all about pure strength, puts your body to the test
  • Weighted squats – Squat exercises burn fat and can help you to lose weigh, Squats exercises tone your whole leg, every  women goals is to get a rounded butt and this is the best thing to do also it does test your lower body strength .
  • lad pull down –helps to have a toned back with no fat hanging off the back, also helps in muscle targeting and helps you look great when you wear your T-shirts .

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what’s that one food you couldn’t live with out, and how do you handle food cravings ?

  • Rice Rice and more Rice this is one staple diet that I can eat at all times but the intake has to be moderate ( and chocolates )
  • Food cravings can be purely handled by sheer determination and will of not touching that food that you know is going to take you away from your goal this is what I believe
  • I also believe every food can be eaten but all that matters is the TIME WHEN you eat it.

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What’s something not many people know about you ?

  • former national level foot ball player for Andhra Pradesh
  • gifted poet

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Favorite quote ?

  • I’ve  got two of them

“why choose to fail when success is an option”

“Unless you puke, faint or die keep going “ – Jillian Michele’s


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