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Quick Stats:

Age: 32
Height: 5’9 (175.3 cm),
Weight: 150 pounds (68 kg),

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How did you get started?

Although I have always had an appreciation towards fitness, my journey officially began 2.5 years ago. It was during this time that I had reached my heaviest weight of 170 pounds (77 kg) on my 5 foot 9 inch frame. I felt sluggish, none of my clothes fit me anymore, my self-confidence was at its worst and my health was deteriorating before my eyes. Being an MD, I knew if I continued living a sedentary lifestyle I would be spiraling down a dark and ugly road ahead. When I started my fitness journey, it was extremely challenging because I was raised in a family that did not particularly struggle with major weight issues. Books were given precedence over exercise and therefore, any steps taken towards fitness goals were seen as “time wastage” or “unnecessary”. Although I felt utterly alone, I knew something had to change. I took one step forward and signed up for a gym membership at my local gym. I still remember my first day and feeling totally puzzled as to where to begin. It’s funny how a place once seen as daunting and unfamiliar is now considered my second home. It’s a place where people of all shapes, sizes, colors and backgrounds come together to work towards a better version of themselves.I can honestly say that my fitness journey has been the most life changing experience I have ever encountered and it’s a journey I am most proud of. I have met so many inspiring people along the way and the amount of knowledge I have gained and still continue to gain is mind blowing. I am thankful to the overwhelming amount of support I have received along the way. I’m sure there are others who do not understand my passion for fitness or who found me a little too obsessed with my journey. “You can call me obsessed, you can call me crazy but you can never call me average” is my reply to them. I have absolutely no regrets about opening up to the world about my biggest struggle and I encourage all females to do the same. My instagram page (pamela_kainth30) was initially used as a food journal to help keep me on track but it eventually connected me to a huge network of fitness freaks like myself who I often refer to as my “fitfam”. It has posts of all my ventures and progress up until today.


Where does your motivation come from?

My motivation keeps changing and evolving as I move through my fitness journey. Earlier in my journey I was a coach for a company called “Beachbody” which promotes several workout programs and meal replacements. Being a coach helped me stay on track as I was required to try Beachbody products and advertise my results on social media. Later I became a personal trainer at my local gym so staying fit and being a role model for my clients was very important to me. Currently, I am a freelance model and staying trim for my shoots is a good drive as well.What has constantly continued to always be the strongest motivator for me are all the fitness people I follow on Instagram who continue to amaze me with their consistency and hard work. Also, my followers who leave kind messages under my posts and DM me on Instagram saying how much they are inspired by my page are also encouraging and greatly appreciated.


How do you feel your flexibility helps you in and out of the gym?

To be quite honest, I am not a very flexible person but I do know very well how important flexibility is for optimal performance and results.


What workout routine has worked best for you?

I particularly enjoy running and lifting. I try to exercise 3-5 times a week for 1-2 hours and train each body part at least 2-3 times a week.

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If you had to pick only three exercises what would they be and why?

1) Squats: compound movements, works multiple muscles, effective, several variations.

2) Planks: compound movements, multiple muscles and effective, works the core, several variations.

3) Rows: back is my favourite body part to train.

What is my diet like?

As I was brought up from a Punjabi household, I am a big time foodie. However my fitness results are much more important to me than following an unhealthy diet. I’m not saying I don’t splurge here and there, I most definitely do, but I try not to make it an everyday event. My diet is balanced, well portioned and consists of healthy carbs, fats and proteins. I do not believe in pre-workouts, protein shakes or supplements (other than a multi-vitamin). Keep it as natural as possible. I also do not believe in counting calories and I try to LISTEN to what my body is asking for rather than what I THINK my body needs. What I mean by this is sometimes my body is really asking for more protein (meats, eggs, etc.) where as other times it’s gearing more towards vegetables and high fibre foods. So I try to eat healthy but WHAT I eat is shifted here and there based on what my body wants.

What’s the one food you couldn’t live without, and how do you handle food cravings.

To ask a foodie to pick one food item is a nightmare because there are so many to choose from but I would honestly have to say SWEETS are my biggest weakness. My nickname is “cookie monster” because I absolutely adore sweets in all shapes, colors and forms. Therefore, in order to prevent temptations I try to avoid bringing sweets in the house, which can be difficult when you are living with a family. I also drink my favourite choco-strawberry smoothie or eat fruits, which are all tactics that work well for me.

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What is one thing not a lot of people know about you?

1) My favourite body part to train is the back.

2) I do not weigh myself unless it’s absolutely necessary because I find that the weighing machine is not the most accurate representation of your progress and it can often be discouraging when you don’t see numbers changing.

3) As of right now, I am not a fan of yoga (too boring).

4) The “30” in my instagram username “Pamela_kainth30” is my age when I first started my fitness journey.

Favorite Quote:

“A comfort zone is a beautiful place but nothing ever grows there”- Unknown.

It is a constant reminder to go beyond the limits and boundaries us humans have set for ourselves and to constantly keep challenging ourselves. We can only know our true potential only after we’ve plunged into deep waters and taken each and every step whole heartedly no matter what the cost may be.

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