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Quick Stats

weight in 2012 – 56 kg
Weight in 2013 -52 kg
Details at present are
Height – 5’1 inches
Weight – 46 kg
Age – 25 years

How did you get started?

I started thinking about fitness seriously when i entered collage.i found my self looking
bad among others.


Where does your motivation come from?

Anything and everything motivates me.i see someone sweating motivates me.i see someone too fat even motivates me to work more hard.


How do you feel your flexibility helps you both in and out of the gym?

Not only flexibility but the entire gym session. It gives me a great confidence. It makes me feel good, i am active all day plus my skin glows.


What workout routine has worked best for you?

I more prefer core workout twice a day post my all gives me visible effects in just 10 to 15 minutes core session.


If you had to pick only 3 exercises what would they be and why?

I would prefer stretching of the entire body Then skipping for 10 minutes And chinups These three workouts i usually do when there is lack of time or if i cant hit the gym. U can do it anywhere plus these workouts helps cover u the entire body without even doing anything else.


What is your diet like?

I don’t diet or follow any i eat alot. But i prefer eating healthy and avoid oil its been almost 7 years i have not even touched any cold drink soda or ice creams.


What’s the one food you couldn’t live without, and how do you handle food cravings?

Well i loved eating mcdonal burgers with lot of mayonnaise. But now i have replaced it
with sub


What’s something not many people know about you?

Well as i told earlier..i love eating alot and mt diet is equal to three normal girls of my
age n size.and also i am to lazy to get up.


Favorite Quote:

what seems impossible today will one day become your warmup

Sharing is caring!