How to Perform Yogic Sleep

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One of the most important aspect or rather the most pleasurable part of the yoga is the yogic sleep or yoganidra. Not many people practice it or experience it and it remains the most unexplored part of the practice.

Believe it or not, research studies say that our muscles remain tensed during our regular sleep and hence our body never completely relaxes. This leads to more and more tension in our muscles. (ugh)

What the lovely yoganidra does is

relaxes the whole body

induces the deep sleep

relieves mind, body and soul.

Makes your subconscious mind more receptive making you sharper and increasing your intellect

helps in the necessary healing of the tissues after the wear and tear due to workouts.



Practice every night before sleep

Stomach should not be full (2 hour post meal)

After a tiring day at work

(30 minutes of yoganidra = 2 hours of deep sleep)


Shavasana is the best position to perform yoganidra.

Take 10 -12 deep breathes

And count the breath backwards

Inhale – 10 , Exhale – 10

Inhale -9 , Exhale – 9 and so on till you reach 1

Breathe normally and then imagine each part of your body relaxing slowly in this sequence. Do not move the said parts.

Right hand fingers, right elbow, right shoulder, right hip, right knee, right foot and toes and repeat for left side. Back, back of head, fore head, eyebrows, eye lids, nose, cheeks and lips.

Make a positive resolution to yourself : I will attain and maintain my health and fitness. (or anything else)

Imagine any positive imagery: a calming waterfall, setting sun, flower, beach, sea, stars et cetera

Repeat the resolutions thrice.

  • NOTES:

Beware of your surrounding.

You may go off to sleep. Stretch the body after finishing the yoganidra.


  • At night perform the yoganidra.
  • When you are about to sleep, tell the problem to your subconscious mind and ask for a solution.
  • The great know it all subconscious will try to solve it and present you the solution in the morning.
  • Sometimes it may take a few sessions to get a solution but when it does you’ll be amazed.

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