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Fitness industry is growing at a rapid pace in current era. There are various ways to reach to the epitome of fitness, and there are various workout myths which people follow which can yield no result but will only harm their body in the longer run.

Some people just don’t understand the real meaning of “being fit”, “lean” or “shredded”. A skinny person with abs is equivalent to a fat guy with humongous arms. They both just don’t count. For many people, workout means just running insanely on an elliptical and cycling for hours. Come on, all these things are necessary but doing “only” these will harm the body in longer run more than it will benefit you. Simply put, you’ll be shredded or lean when you have more muscles mass and lesser fat percentage in your body. For men ideal fat percentage ranges from 10-15 and for women it is from 18-22. If you really want to look great in front of the mirror, you need to stop doing hours of stupid and directionless cardio.


If you really want to look good in front of the mirror, strength training is your best friend. Resistant strength training not only improves insulin sensitivity but also body’s nutrition partitioning ability. When doing long steady state cardio session, it elevates “muscle eating hormone”, cortisol. Cortisol is also released during strength training but its effects are subdued by the simultaneous release of testosterone and growth hormone. These both helps in muscle building and fat cutting.

To reach to the epitome of fitness, strength training is must. It improves your ability to perform daily activities besides increasing your physical working capacity. You will work longer and will be able to work harder by indulging in proper weight training activities. One of the most important benefits of strength training is that it promotes fat free body mass with decreasing sarcopenia. The lean muscle mass that we all work so hard and this decreases with age. If we don’t do strength training, this will be converted into fats.


High intensity interval training (HIIT) is also one form of cardio which should be mandatorily included in your workouts. HIIT is potent fat cutter. Give HIIT a couple of sessions in your routine and the difference you feel and see will be a testimony. So, “get down” from that elliptical and start training yourself seriously.

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