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When it comes to fitness, yoga is considered one of the most effective ways to it. Although, Yoga not only gives us the beautiful toned body but also builds strength, flexibility and maintains balance in the body. It is a blend of physical and mental exercise and that’s what makes yoga very special. Let’s look at some basic guidelines to make your next yoga session more special and effective:

Maintain the posture

It is one of the basic things which are overlooked but is the key to master yoga. Stop hunching even when you are not exercising, stay upright. It has been scientifically proven that, maintaining the right posture in terms of sitting, standing or even sleeping can help us fight against many health related problems.

Warm up

It is like warming up the muscles at the gym. The way we warm up the muscles before we begin to exercise, the same implies on yoga. When it comes to yoga, make sure you start with taking 6-7 deep breaths and end with small breathing which acts like a cool down.

Breathing-inhale nose, exhale mouth

There has a been a major debate about the breathing technique. Yoga encourages to breath through the mouth but its different in Pilates which recommends nose to mouth. The latter is more useful when involved in a physical activity as it helps releasing and contracting the muscles. You may vary in terms of simple breathing process.

All about the atmosphere

When we go to a coffee shop, its more about the atmosphere we enjoy than the coffee and that’s what makes our coffee experience an absolute delight or a complete let down. The same goes with yoga. The fresh air of the dawn adds the extra positivity to the day. It is recommended to practice yoga in the morning (better in a garden or open space) before we begin our day.

Shutdown the mind

This is one crucial aspect. Yoga is all about releasing the tension in the body and making it light as air. The perfect way to end a yoga session should be either with little breathing. Teach yourself to stop thinking or shut the tangled mind for just 5-10 minutes. It may be difficult in the beginning, but once we master it, the time duration can be increased which leads to better results.

Finish with Shavasanas

This is actually the way to end a yoga session. Shav means ‘corpse’ and ‘asana’ in yoga means ‘pose’. Lie straight on the mat and release complete energy just like a soul leaves a corpse. This technique is very useful to have a relaxed mind before we can begin another crazy day.

Don’t let go the Gyan Mudra

Not much talked about topic of discussion when it comes to yoga but is of a quintessential value is the hand posture. Make sure your hands don’t act sluggish. Maintain the Gyan Mudra (thumb to index finger with rest of the fingers stretched out) as it is a part of maintaining the right posture.

Empty stomach

Yoga is best performed on empty stomach. Therefore, it is recommended to do yoga in the morning, so that we do it in a fresh environment when our stomach is the lightest. Its like a healing circle we create in our routine with waking up early-empty stomach-yoga in fresh morning-positivity- sleep on time and repeat!

Variation in breathing

This is applicable for the breathing session. Variation in breathing is like interval training. The extreme variation helps us achieve the perfect sense of relaxation at the end. It is a great exercise to relax our body. The variation could be 20 beats of slow and medium breathing and 40 beats of fast breathing through the nose.

Mild Back exercises, shoulders, hands and neck

While meditating we usually sit with our back straight and in Yogasanas its all about using the body strength. Therefore, its very important to do mild movement of your back, shoulders and neck before and after every yoga session.

So make sure to make use of these guidelines. If you don’t have time to exercise, either yoga or at the gym try not to miss the meditation or breathing session as these techniques build the aura that gives us mental and physical control over life.

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