Her hair grew 6 inches in 2 months, check how she did that

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Isn’t it amazing ? 6 inches growth in just 2 months.
Well her secret is very simple, Onions. She used onions to get this great results.

What she did is very simple, she increased the amount of Onion in daily diet. That supported her effort from inside the body. But really made her hair grow, is just amazing.


She used to grate Onions and then squeezed the juice out from grated Onions. She applied this juice on her scalp, gently massaging with fingers for 5 minutes. Then she spread the juice all over her hair, from root to tip in each strand. Leave it for 30 minutes untouched. Then wash your hair thoroughly.

Onion has a very pungent smell, so wash you hair carefully and cleanly. Leave the shampoo foam on hair for 5-6 minutes so it can wash out all onion residue from your hairs.

She use to do this with fresh onion juice three times a week, and she is extremely happy with the results she got.

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