Cleanser liquid to whiten skin on your private parts and make it smooth

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Skin on private parts are very delicate. So it’s not suitable to use cosmetic or chemical bleach in that part of the body. I am going to tell you very unique herbal solution to whiten this delicate skin. This remedy will also make the skin very smooth.


First, we should know why the skin on private part is so dark ? The answer is, it’s the junction for skin terminals. That area has a lot of sensory tissues and also pubic hairs. Hence many times our usual cleaning habits like washing while bath does no effect in removing the darkness from there. Skin near our private part has many dead cells and sweat glands. It is very important to clean that are delicately.

So we need to use a gentle herbal cleaner, which can remove the pigmentation and dead cells with damaging the sensory tissues, sweat glands and the skin. For that we are going to use Lemon juice.

DO NOT apply pure lemon juice on that sensitive skin, it may cause serious irritation and itching. And you will end scratching it multiple times causing it to be even darker.

The trick is in diluting the lemon juice for optimum benefits. One the first day of cleaning your pubic area, take 2 tablespoon of clean water in a bowl and add 2 teaspoons of lemon juice in it. Apply this water on that skin, massage your skin very gently for few minute and leave the water on skin for next 15 minutes.

Next day you can increase the concentration of lemon juice and use 2 and a half teaspoons of it in the solution.. so you can increase the ration gradually, day by day. But never exceed the ratio more then “50-50″, means equal amount of water and lemon juice. Using higher concentration can generate irritation.

Use this gentle lemon juice cleanser for 7 days and you will surprise your partner.

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