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How did you get started?

My story started in February 2014  I was eating fast food for every meal of the day and I felt exercise was pointless, which left me without much motivation. I knew something was wrong and that I was the only person who could change it.  I Believe  ” fitness is not a destination it is a way of life”. Instagram Post related to gym , fitness  Played huge role as well as it motivated  me alot  following gym fit girls  like Lyzabeth Lopez,  Anna Victoria gave me pumps to be like them.


Where does your motivation come from?

If you fail, never give up because,

F.A.I.L. : First Attempt In Learning.

End is not an end, in fact

E.N.D : Effort Never Dies.

If you get NO as answer, remember,

N.O. : Next Opportunity.

So let’s be positive.

What workout routine has worked best for you?  

I am morning person.. starting my day with aloe vera juice in morning empty stomach after 30 minutes  2 glasses of water . Before  leaving for gym black coffee .  For best result morning workout are best timings .


If you had to pick only 3 exercises what would they be and why?

JUMPING Jacks – I have endomorph body  ..My Lower body is relatively  more fat comparable to my upper body  jumping jacks  focuses on inner and outer thing and on lower stomach . this my favorite exercise for aerobics.

Squats- I Love Working out on my Lower body .. Squats plays important role in shaping legs . I Usually do SUMO Squats, Weighted squats , wides squads for building muscles on right places 😛

crunches-  to build those muscles in my  stomach  i am talking about abs 😛 .. if done in correct position and regular crunches  will help you building muscles with clean diet.


What is your diet like?

I am a Non vegetarian.. Its been three  I Am not talking any protein Supplements. I prefer taking small portion likewise 5 or  6 meals in a day  .

Morning 6 am Aloe Vera JUICE

Before gym Black Coffee Shots

Preworkout 4 egg whites and oats overnight referigerated

Around 1 pm 6 spoons of Brown rice with Green Vegetables I Add vegetables like beans carrot  brocoli corn and one egg white it look like biryani

Around 3 pm  pineapple 4 slice

Around 5:30  masala tea with natural stevia

Around 7 pm 2 egg whites

Around 9 chicken breast 150 gram

Before bed  detox drink

Parsley , cucumber, ginger,lemon with little water in blender


Favorite Quote:

I don’t know if its an actual quote, but my favorite idea to think about is if someone else achieved something, that means you can too.

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