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Quick Stats

Age- 22yrs

Height- 171cms

Weight before- 46kgs Weight now- 49kgs

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How did you get started?

I started as a martialartist 3 years back and due to an injury I had to stop training. After taking a 1 year break, I am anchoring a show based on adventure sports for which I need a lot of strength and my core needs to be strong. I have always been underweight by a minimum of 5kgs and so cannot perform many

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Where does your motivation come from?

sports therefore started gyming and took my health and fitness seriously. I am a self motivated person. I am headstrong and so once I make a decision, I stop only after accomplishing what I set out to do. When I am positively motivated, I perform much better and PAIN is a driving force in training. The more pain I feel, the harder I train. Training is the best way to start my day. The days on which I do not train in the morning, I tend to be restless and cranky. Its an addiction once you make it a routine, once your body begins to respond and you become stronger.

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How do you feel your flexibility helps you both in and out of the gym?

Flexibility comes from stretching. After my training, when I stretch, I feel less pain and can train better the next day. Also that there are many different exercises which demand flexibility as it prevents muscles from tearing. Outside the gym, since I am a cinematographer, I have to shoot at different landscapes and in many different uncomfortable positions, I am able to without complaining! Being an ardent adventure sport person, I go for trekking, mountaineering, surfing, paragliding etc and being flexible helps in the performance.

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What workout routine has worked best for you?

I workout only in the mornings at 7am. My purpose of working out is to-

 Build muscle.

 Gain weight healthily

 Increase strength and/or performance.

 Improve your health.

For this,

Day1- Weight training and TRX workout for each

muscle group in the upper body.

Day2- Weight training and TRX workout for each

muscle group in lower body

Day3- rest day

Day4- Functional training without weights (full


Day5- Circuit Training

Day 6- rest day

Day7- Cardio

Stretching after every workout and cycling twice a

week in the evenings.

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If you had to pick only 3 exercises what would they be and why?

Barbell full squat- Contraction of the quadriceps and hamstrings  maintain integrity in the knee joint. We are most vulnerable when we go half way down. To lift ourselves up with the weight pressing us down, strengthens muscle groups. The fact that it gives perfectly toned buttocks is always a motivation.

TRX Atomic Push-up- It targets the shoulders, arms, chest and abs. TRX workouts are my favourite as the target the core. For me it is much more challenging as compared to weight training. Cable shoulder press- My shoulders are weak. Every single thing I do professionally requires my shoulders to be strong. As I carry heavy camera bags, equipments, also go for trekking frequently. The cable shoulder press engages several muscle groups, including the anterior and posterior deltoids, the trapezius, the triceps and the upper portion of the pectoralis major.  This helps increase performance in a wide range of other upper-body exercises, including the bench press, the pullup and the triceps press.

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What is your diet like?

I am a vegetarian. I have an extremely high metabolic rate, therefore I have to have a high carb and protein intake. I do not follow a particular diet as I am struggling to gain weight. I am allowed to eat everything that does not burn fat and is healthy, for example I am not allowed to have green tea.

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What’s the one food you couldn’t live without, and how do you handle food cravings?

I love to eat nachos and pizza! It really is difficult to choose protein and carbs over these two but since I am on a weight gain program, I am allowed both once in a week. The remaining times when I crave for these, I simply look at myself in the mirror and talk to myself. I ask myself whether it is really worth eating what the body must not? Once I think of the pros and cons of binge eating a pizza or a plate of nachos, the cons of eating it and the love for my body convinces me.

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What’s something not many people know about you?

Well this is embarrassing but I still buy my shorts and most of my clothes from the children’s section as I get my size there.

Favorite Quote:

“Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.” –

Jillian Michaels

“Change is the only constant.”

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