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Eating healthy and working out is the ideal way of life. But that’s not the only limit to which we can improve our lifestyle. It is believed that whatever morning and bedtime routine we follow defines our day and the upcoming day. Therefore, morning should only be about your presence, peace of mind and BREATHING.

Let’s look at the eight rules to swear by for an ideal morning:




The first thing to do after waking up should be not about lazing in the bed for the next half an hour although we all enjoy it, but that just makes us lazy and sleepier and less productive for the rest of the day. Its best to wake up and stretch a little. Have lukewarm or lemon water to kill those toxins and hydrate the body after a good 7-8 hours of sleep.



Having our favorite tea or coffee (caffeine) gives immediate boost to our body but actually acts like the way alcohol hits our system, gives a sudden buzz and later contribute to all the headache and discomfort. On the contrary, starting our day with fruits is a natural and perfect way to energize the body. Therefore, have a fruit (preferably banana) within 25 minutes of your wake up and it will give the body perfect boost of energy it needs.



The word ‘Survya’ means sun and ‘Namaskar’ means hello or welcome. In other words, it means welcoming the sunshine in our life and day which is the significance of survya namaskar. The positivity we get by doing survya namaskar in the morning is peerless therefore it is the best time to practice it. It stretches the muscles, increase flexibility and strength in the body.



Most of us wake up every morning and don’t even have time to get dressed properly. That’s one of the important things to avoid. Set a routine in such a way that there is a good amount of time to have a calm peaceful morning. Sounds challenging but it improvises the quality of life and that’s what should the priority.



This is the perk of getting up early in the morning because we get to experience the fresh breeze of the morning. It is one of the relaxation methods to look up in the sky the minute you wake up. Therefore, don’t not hassle right when you wake up, just give a minute to the open space of the sky and don’t hesitate to take some deep breaths.



Right after waking up the battle to find the phone tucked inside the pillow is our first activity and later we spend the entire day staring into those gadgets. Spare those fragile eyes for morning time. Don’t use that phone or laptop one hour before bedtime and one hour after you wake up. Research has proven that using phones around bedtime can make us sluggish and affects our health.



Now as gross as it may sound but its very crucial part of our routine. People with busy schedule suffer from lack of sleep which leads to irregularity in their bowel movement. It has been scientifically proven that people who have irregular bowel movement have a shorter life span. 



With the entire day spent on calling and talking, morning is the time to relax the chatter box. Try not to talk much or at all if possible at least for the first ten minutes of waking up. Its an indirect process of cleansing our mind.Therefore, just wake up, look at the sky, have water then clear your tummy and meditate or exercise and concentrate of your BREATHING.


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