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The word ‘Healthy’ comes with all the hype around it. However, there are many myths related to a healthy lifestyle. So, let’s list down seven of the most common statements that implies our misunderstanding related to it:


  • “An apple a morning can make my day”


One of the biggest mistakes people make is to go on a “diet”. Having the right food in the right proportion is the key. Therefore, it is essential is to have a healthy breakfast which will keep us active throughout the day.


  • “I am going solo on salads!”


There is much more to a good diet. Healthy diet is all about eating food which gives us the required proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals. Thus, add good foods to the diet like whole grains, nuts, beans and legumes.


  • My dieting session is for one month”


One must understand that healthy living is a lifestyle and life commitment. So take it easy on yourself.


  • “I should change to the western diet”


The last time I checked, western diet introduced burger, pizza and pasta. The food our grandmother fed us is the ultimate healthy food. The myth became true when people started incorporating home cooked food with happy meals.


  • “I have to lose weight in order to be healthy” 


If one is obese, it is necessary for them to shed unwanted weight. But the goal of shedding 4-5 kilos is no goal itself. Shedding fat is different from shedding weight. So let’s shift that statement from weight loss to fat loss.


  • “Exercise?, I’d rather go on dieting ” 


Exercise is not just about going to the gym, it could be any kind of game, activity or sport. Exercising releases the happy hormones called endorphins and keeps the body active. Workout for 20 to 30 minutes, thrice a week for best results.


  • “So there is a healthy burger cafe I came across today” 


Having foods that contains whole bunch of unknown ingredients is like feeding garbage to your body. Instead, indulge in your favourite cheat meal once in a while.
Sign up for a good diet, workout a good change. Once we overcome these myths related to healthy living and food, we can wave our way through a happy and healthy lifestyle

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