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Don’t we all wonder how these models and athletes have the perfect body? What is their secret and what do they do to be this fit? Of course, they eat healthy but what is that extra-ordinary ways to which it makes them impeccable. Eating the same food, working out yet just unable to have that perfect physiques. Here, are a few secrets the pros might swear by:



  • Hearty Breakfast


Avoid the caffeine and start the day with oatmeal or eggs (scrambled, poached or boiled) but by oatmeal we mean the old fashioned ones. Having a hearty breakfast is a key to having a power packed day. The athletes make sure they begin their day with healthy and hearty meals that comprises of the few of the options below:

        Eggs with multigrain bread and berries or juice (scrambled or boiled)

        Old fashioned oats

        Green smoothie (combination of low fat yogurt, fruits and veggies)




  • No dessert with main course


Our body needs time to absorb the nutrients after the healthy meal. Therefore, it is recommended to have your favorite dessert as a separate meal. Although, a tiny piece of jiggery or fennel seeds are suggested for people with sweet tooth.  



  • Have light dinner


For a human body, the eating pattern in terms of proportion of the meal should be like the inverted pyramid with breakfast having the maximum proportion reducing down to minimum for dinner. Eat light for dinner and make sure to eat at least two to three hours before going to bed.



  • Eat every two hours


This is actually ‘the mantra’ for a healthy lifestyle. Its better to have 5-6 small meals than stuffing for full three course meals. Eating every two hours keeps hunger pangs at bay and reduces bloating as excess food is not consumed at once but divided into 6 small portions.



  • No liquid at mealtime


Enjoying your favorite beverage with the meal is acceptable occasionally but on regular basis, any beverage or even water should not be taken at least half an hour pre or post meal. Prefer having red wine with nice healthy meal instead.


  • Don’t mix fruits with veggies


Having fruit as a dessert is considered reasonable for somebody watching their weight, but not recommended for a long run. Fruits and vegetables should not be combined in a meal as they are micro-nutrients. The meals should have a balance of both micro and macro nutrients in order to retain energy a fit body needs. Therefore, have wholegrain food (macro nutrient) with your favorite vegetables (micro nutrient)



  • Eat the fruits and drink the veggies


This is probably the best way to get the whole fiber and nutrients from food. Fruit when cut and blended loses the essential nutrients whereas vegetables provides the best nutrients when consumed in a soup. Consuming the vegetable soup in a vegetable or fish stock is the best option and enhances flavor at the same time.



  • Salad Dressings are your biggest enemy


As packed dressings are full of artificial flavors and high in fat content, it’s easier and healthier to make homemade dressings. Experiment with different flavors using different oils and spices.  Combination of lemon, rock salt and pepper on salads add flavor and makes the food alkaline in nature.



  • Drink lots of water


People end up eating when they are actually thirsty. It is a common scenario which the professionals always keep track of. They simply learn to listen to their body, whether its actually hungry or thirsty. When body starts getting the right kind of food, the senses become more active and aware of our body needs.

  •   No hiding from carbohydrates

In order to keep persistence for a healthy lifestyle, it should be kept realistic. The fitness professionals follow a perfect diet which certainly does not promote the idea of starving. They need energy for the workout and the hard work. Therefore, do not shy away from carbohydrates and consume whole grains on daily basis as they are the macro-nutrients our body needs.


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